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Your annual allotment will be calculated with this formula: 1.5 cubic yards X the Number of Units = Total Yards Per Year.

With each Bulky Collection the allotment will decrease by the volume collected, and the remaining balance will be reported on the next bill. Curbside Collection – Schedule collection at the curb for your resident(s) as requested. Resident Self-Schedule – Submit a waiver to permit resident scheduling.

Please separate your bulky goods into 3 groups Place items at the curb by 6 am and no earlier than 1 day before your scheduled pick up date.

If your property ordered a roll-off box for collection, place items from groups 2 and 3 in the roll-off box, place items from group 1 curbside.

No dates have been scheduled for this year's program, which will be announced. The large item program only serves single through four-plex households with individual trash service.

Communities with dumpster-style trash service are not included in the program. Up to five of the following types of items will be accepted per household: Residents can schedule a drop-off for many of these items at the Johnson County Hazardous Waste facility in Mission. Proof of residency on that day's collection area will be required.

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Deliver Appliances and Bulky Items: You may use your free Service Tags as payment when you deliver appliances or bulky items to the Resource Recovery Facility.

– Recommended for buildings with easy curbside access and 20 units or fewer. Debris Box Collection – Schedule collection for the building by requesting a debris box. – Recommended for buildings 5 to 14 units without on-site property managers.

Request a site visit for box placement and collection requirements.

Each year the city provides a bulky item pickup to half of Overland Park using Antioch as the dividing line.

Single-family through four-plex homes on the west side of Antioch will be served.

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